Greece’s Prisoners Could Get Faster, Longer Furloughs

(AP Photo/Felipe Dana, File)

ATHENS – Despite outrage that a convicted terrorist whose group killed 23 people, including five Americans, got a two-day holiday, a bill going before Parliament will let even violent criminals have holidays from jail and prevent prosecutors from barring them.

The legislation has been in the works for eight years and builds on a previous bill drafted in 2010 under the supervision of criminology professor and former minister Yiannis Panousis.

The bill, which is expected to be put to a vote in Parliament in the next few weeks, also stipulates that furloughs will have a longer duration and will be granted earlier.

The furloughs are a favorite of the ruling Radical Left SYRIZA, which is riddled with anarchist and terrorist sympathizers and those who don’t want almost anyone jailed for any reason and want the jails emptied.

The holidays are available to any prisoner even though there have been incidents when those given furloughs, even convicted terrorists, have walked away and not returned, only to be recaptured.