A Greek Professor in US Creates the 1st Web Atlas of Ceramic Kilns in Ancient Greece

TUCSON, AZ – The Web Atlas of Ceramic Kilns in Ancient Greece is the first of its kind GIS database of kiln sites in Greece. Kiln sites cover  almost five millennia, dating from the Prehistoric to Post-Byzantine periods (ca. 3000 BCE-1820 CE), according to the University of Arizona.

Eleni Hasaki is the Digital Project Director, while K.Raptis, L. Alberti, T. Lochner, G. Christopherson were the collaborators.

“We hope that the Web Atlas will help excavators of kiln sites to quickly contextualize them within their chronological, geographical, and typological horizons, as well as other scholars of Greek antiquity to address questions of ceramic production, distribution, and consumption in various eras and regions. To keep the Web Atlas updated we will welcome additions from our fellow archaeologists, as new sites come to light,” UA says.