Greek Doctors Protest Sexual Harassment Video Depiction

(Photo by Eurokinissi/Tatiana Bollari, FILE)

ATHENS – With sexual harassment the newest hot-button issue, Greek doctors are furious that they are depicted in a public awareness campaigning as wrongfully touching a patient’s mother during a routine examination.

The national union of  issued an angry statement over the video that was created by the General Secretariat for Gender Equality to inform the public about the issue that has garnered huge headlines in the United States with a growing number of men in high-level positions in business, the media, arts and politics being accused of harassing women.

The clip, which depicts a fictional scenario in which a male pediatrician inappropriately touches the woman puts doctors in a bad light, the union said, according to Kathimerini.

“Indicative of the cursory manner with which the secretariat handled the creation of the video is the fact that it never contacted the Panhellenic Medical Association, doctors’ institutional representative in this country, to ask its opinion or whether a single such incident of harassment by a doctor against a patient or guardian has ever been reported,” the union said in its announcement.

“This particular video casts doubt over the bond of trust that needs to exist between the patient and the doctor,” the union said, demanding that the spot be pulled immediately from YouTube and television.

Earlier, the Athens Medical Association had sent an out-of-court complaint to Gender Equality Secretary Foteini Kouvela over the same video, which it described as “an affront to the honor and standing of Greek doctors.” There was no immediate response from the ruling Radical Left SYRIZA-led coalition Administration or why a doctor was chosen to be depicted in the video.