Rebetiki Istoria Concert Wows Audience in Brooklyn (Video)

Rebetiki Istoria performed at Roulette in Brooklyn. Left to right Nikolaos Menegas, Yona Stamatis, Pavlos Vasileiou, Vangelis Nikolaidis, and Eleni Lazaridou. Photo by Eleni Sakellis

BROOKLYN – Robert Browning Associates and Lotus Music & Dance presented the New York debut of one of the oldest and most famous rebetika groups in Athens, Rebetiki Istoria, on Saturday, November 18 at Roulette in Downtown Brooklyn. Rebetiki Istoria (“rebetika history”) is a leading traditional group from Athens specializing in early-style rebetika, one of the oldest genres of Greek urban popular song.

Often called “the Greek blues,” the music expresses the hardship and joys of everyday life and deals with …

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