The National Herald English Edition 20th Anniversary: Top Stories over 20 Years

FILE - In this Aug. 10, 2017 photo, the St. Nicholas National Shrine, center, designed by renowned architect Santiago Calatrava, is under construction at the World Trade Center in New York. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

The National Herald is celebrating its 20th anniversary, which is a great achievement in the current media climate. You are more likely to hear about a newspaper shutting down rather than continuing and thriving, building on the solid foundation and a legacy of trust and integrity from its 102-year-old sister publication the National Herald/Ethnikos Kyrix, the Greek language daily.

Other print newspapers facing financial woes have chosen to focus solely on their online editions, but there is something unique about getting the paper delivered to your doorstep or in the mail, unfolding it, and flipping through real pages. This leisurely custom, reading the paper, unhurried and at your own pace without flashing blue light making your eyes tired as some people experience when they read from computer screens, tablets, and smartphones, connects to a rich tradition that enhances our lives and the experience of the community.

An extraordinary amount of time and effort goes into getting everything right from every member of the team that works on each issue every week. The reader may take it for granted that the words all fit on the page, the photos and the captions match the articles, words are spelled correctly, and the information is accurate. The grave responsibility of TNH to the readers is something we all take very seriously. It is an honor and a privilege to connect the Greek community with the news from Greece and Cyprus and wherever the Greeks of the diaspora live. Maintaining this link between the homeland and the community is vital because we love Greece and we want to help all Greeks wherever they are to achieve their dreams and to share them with the community and inspire the next generation.

I never dreamed that I would one day be contributing to the newspaper that was so revered in every Greek-American household in the neighborhood. How many of us grew up with our parents and grandparents reading the Greek daily and using it for our Greek school homework and projects ourselves? The English edition extends that tradition and connection to the generations that are primarily English-speaking and even offers them the opportunity to brush up on their Greek with Our Everyday Greek column. Knowing more than one language is a great advantage whatever your age or experience and we all know Greek is the root of so many English words and enriches our vocabulary.

Congratulations to The National Herald on its 20th anniversary!

Here are a few of the headlines that have captivated our readers over the last two decades.

October 18, 1997- The National Herald English edition goes to press.

May 1998- Archbishop Christodoulos of Athens, at 59 years of age, became the youngest ever archbishop elected to head the Church of Greece.

September 1999- Athens was struck by a major earthquake on September 7, 1999 registering 5.9 on the Richter Scale – the worst to hit the country in 20 years. A total of 143 people lost their lives in the disaster, while more than 12,000 were treated for injuries. Some 40 buildings collapsed.

September 2000- The Samina Express passenger ferryran aground and sank, killing 80 of the 500-plus passengers near the island of Paros.

September 11, 2001- The world was shocked by the horrific terrorist attacks that changed all our lives on that fateful day. Among the innocent victims who represented practically every nation and every faith were Greeks and Greek-Americans, may their memory be eternal.

January 2002- Greece adopts the euro as its new monetary unit on January 1, 2002 changing the daily lives of Greek consumers and tourists forever. The euro succeeded the drachma, which dated as far back as 1100 BC and was reintroduced as the currency of the modern Greek state in 1832 (succeeding the phoenix, a currency established by Greek Governor Ioannis Kapodistrias in 1828).

August 2003- A powerful undersea earthquake, 6.4 on the Richter scale, shakes Lefkada, injuring at least 20, while nearby Kephalonia commemorates 50th anniversary of devastating quake of 1953 that levelled all buildings and killed 476 people.

July 4, 2004- Greece wins the UEFA European Championship, marking a high point in Greece’s football history when they were crowned European champions, in only their second participation in the tournament, against all the odds.

August 2004- The Olympic Games returns to its birthplace, 108 years after the revival of the first modern Olympicsin Athens, Greece.

May 21, 2005- Elena Paparizou – a Greek of the Diaspora herself, born and raised in Sweden – took first place in the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest, which was held in Kiev, Ukraine, with her hit song, “My Number One.”

September 25, 2005- Greece defeats Germany for the FIBA Euro Basket Championship, the second crown for the Greek national team whose first historic win took place in 1987. The Greek basketball team is the only one in the world to have defeated the United Statesduring Coach Mike Krzyzewski’s era (2005–2016), as the US had an undefeated record both before and after the 2006 World Championship semifinal, all major competitions included, when Greece defeated them 101–95 in that tournament’s semifinal.

January 2006- St. Nicholas Church Aiming to Complete Preliminary Plans, Greek-American Anne Papageorge, senior vice president of Memorial, Cultural and Civic Development for the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, spoke to TNH about the World Trade Center Memorial Project

February 2006- Greek-Cypriot Marcos Baghdatis made it to the Australian Open Men’s Final to be defeated by Roger Federer.

October 2007- Acropolis Statues Begin Transfer to New Home- More than 300 Ancient Objects will be Moved to New Museum Over the Next Four Months

October 6, 2007- Greek-American Senator Olympia Snowe: Iraq Must Solve Its Problems Politically, Republican Senator Says U.S. Can’t Prop Iraq Up Indefinitely

January 2008- Karamanlis Urges Ankara to Abide by its E.U. Obligations during Turkish Visit, Becomes First Greek Premier to Visit Turkey in Almost 49 Years, Discusses Several Core Issues

October 2009- Farewell to Hellenism’s Home in the Air: Olympic’s Last Flight to NY, Tears, Anger and Disappointment Mark Final Flights to and From JFK; Future is Unclear

February 2010- Wall Street Helped to Mask Debt, Fueling Greek, EU Crises: Goldman Sachs Deals that Swelled Debt Masqueraded as Currency Transactions

April 2010- Greeks Will Defy the Odds and Dance Again, New York’s Mayor Says, Bloomberg Hosts Reception at Gracie Mansion for Greek Independence Day

October 2011- Despite Protests, More Austerity Planned: In Mass Outrage Police Clash with Protesters Again

October 2012- Gov. Cuomo Announces Final St. Nicholas Agreement, Lauds Community

August 2013- Samaras Arrives in U.S. for DC and NY Meetings to Visit Obama at White House and Investors in New York

March 2014- Did Ex-TNH Employee Know Who Killed JFK? Joannides’ CIA Files Still Classified 50 Years after Kennedy Death

September 2015- Alexis Tsipras is elected Prime Minister of Greece. He previously served as Prime Minister from January 26, 2015 to August 27, 2015. Time magazine names him one of the 100 Most Influential People of 2015.

October 2015- Rev.Passias, amid Sex Scandal, Banned by the Archdiocese: Priest of Historic St. Spyridon Community Caught in Affair with “Spiritual Daughter”

April 2016- At White House, Obama Declares Unwavering Friendship to Greece

September 2016- Biden at Blue Dream Gala Honoring Late Son: Fundraiser at Kimisis Focused on Children’s Protection Foundation

September 2016- High School Girl Defending the Faith in Nebraska: Maria Piperis responds to ignorance and prejudice with a solid dose of the truth

January 2017- The Greek-American Presence at the Inauguration: As President Trump is sworn in, Greek-American White House Chief-of-Staff Reince Priebus was by his side

October 2017- TNH Celebrates its 20th Anniversary- looking forward to the next 20 years of serving the Greek community with dedication, integrity, and philotimo.