The Archdiocese Funds: What’s Known and Unknown

FILE - The graduating class 2017 of Holy Cross School of Theology with Archbishop Demetrios and hierarchs of the Archdiocese. Photo: GOA/Dimitrios Panagos

Letter to the Editor:

Here is what the Greek-American community knows thus far about the financial scandal at the Archdiocese. We know that there has been misappropriation of funds and waste on a massive scale. What we do not know as yet is whether there has been any fraud or theft. Three of the four outcomes are criminal offenses.  Will there be any criminal charges filed? We also do not know and will not know until the forensic audit is published to whom and to where the funds were sent.

Whatever measures are now being taken and will be taken to uncover the entire depth and scope of the financial misdeeds and, at the same time, to come up with a plan to remedy the plethora of financial shortfalls, whether it be through the archbishop’s army of Greek millionaires stepping up or other means, there must be no cover-up as to how the monies were spent and if there are funds that cannot be accounted for.

The community demands to know and has every right to all the facts in this sordid financial mess. After all, it is their money freely given to their “trusted” Father in the Archdiocese.

Andrew Kartalis

Pepper Pike, OH