Analysis: A Word about the Clergy-Laity Congress

FILE - From the Clergy Laity Congress in Philadelphia July 2014 during the discussion of finances. Shown is Dean Poll, then parish council president of the Holy Trinity Archdiocesan cathedral in New York, Metropolitan Methodios of Boston and other delegates. (Photo by TNH/Theodore Kalmoukos)

It was decided at the recent Archdiocesan Council meeting on October 20 in New York that the Clergy-Laity Congress will be convened in Boston in July.

Undoubtedly, it was an unfortunate decision because no preparation at all has been made and also the Metropolis of Boston has its own problems, both small and large, and the withering of many of its parishes is more than visible.

The Congress should have been delayed for a year in order to be well-organized. The reason …

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