Malliotakis Trips Over Her Chihuahua, Breaks Foot

FILE - Nicole Malliotakis speaking at the fundraiser held at the Russian Tea Room in Midtown Manhattan. PHOTO: TNH/KOSTA BEJ

NEW YORK (AP) — New York City’s Republican candidate for mayor is campaigning on a broken foot after tripping over her Chihuahua.

State Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis  tells the Daily News that she ran into a table leg while trying to avoid stepping on the little dog, named Peanut.

Greek-American Malliotakis says Peanut “gets really excited” whenever she’s home, and is always following her around.

She calls him “a little rascal” and says she doesn’t hold a grudge.

Malliotakis is hobbling around with a medical boot but vows that it won’t slow her down.

She even joked at a campaign appearance Tuesday that she’s ready to give “the boot” to Democratic incumbent Bill de Blasio.