Dr. Katsavounidis, Part of 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics, Speaks with TNH

Members of the MIT LIGO team (from left to right): David Shoemaker, Rainer Weiss, Matthew Evans, Erotokritos Katsavounidis, Nergis Mavalvala, and Peter Fritschel. Photo: Bryce Vickmark-MIT

NEW YORK – In the 1970s, a young boy in Veria, Greece sat on his porch late at night with his father and gazed up at the Macedonian sky during the summer months when even the depths of darkness were extraordinarily bright. He tried to count the stars and understand the surrounding darkness and he dreamed that one day he might be able to hear it, talk with it, and understand its beautiful and unique language.

The young boy went to school, …

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