Greeks of New Jersey Hold Event for Gubernatorial Candidate Kim Guadagno

Candidate for Governor of New Jersey, Kim Guadagno (center), with, from left to right: Michael Hadjiloukas, Manolis Logothetis, Maria Mandalakis, George Pappas, Agapios Kyritsis, Dean Vlihidis, Stavros Sousou, Stavros Antonakakis, James Logothetis. Photo: Stavros Antonakakis

SUMMIT, NJ – A fundraiser was held for Kim Guadagno, Republican candidate for Governor of New Jersey, organized by Greek-Americans in support of her campaign on Thursday, October 5, at the Marco Polo Restaurant in Summit.

Guadagno spoke with The National Herald at the event, warmly thanking the New Jersey Hellenes for their unwavering support and praised Hellenism’s contribution to the progress and prosperity of the state.

“I am grateful,” she said, “for this very beautiful event organized by a team of successful Hellenic Americans to support the struggle and the efforts I am making for a better future in New Jersey.

“Many Greeks with large and small businesses want, like the entire trade association as a whole, freedom from the government and that’s what we are going to do. My immediate priority is to reduce corporate taxation and reduce the real estate tax.”

Stavros Antonakakis, organizer of the event, thanked all those in attendance for their presence and for their support of the Guadagno campaign. He told TNH, “Kim’s ideology, principles, and plans, with emphasis on education, jobs, and tax breaks, represent in the best possible way the interests of the Greek community and, in general, all the citizens of New Jersey.”

Michael Hadjiloukas, chairman of the Greek-American Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey, praised Guadagno’s economic plan. “Businesses,” he said, “are facing a very big problem with the steady increase in taxes. The tax cut promised by Guadagno is the only way to survive in the industry.”

Manolis Logothetis, owner of the Candlewyck Diner in East Rutherford, expressed his thoughts and concerns about the viability of restaurants and business in New Jersey to TNH.

He said, “The taxes we pay are exaggerated. We can no longer meet the demands. Businesses have begun to leave for other more inexpensive states. The reason I support Kim Guadagno is because she promises to reduce taxes and stabilize the minimum wage. Many large businesses may be able to bear the brunt of new increases, but for small businesses it means economic destruction and closure.”

The organizers of the event were Agapios Kyritsis, Elias Eliades, George Pappas, Maria Mandalakis, Nikitas Moustakas, Stavros Antonakakis, Dean Vlihidis, Manolis Logothetis, George Siamboulis, Michael Hadjiloukas, and Stavros Sousou.