Science Fiction Exhibition: A Journey into the Unknown

The Onassis Cultural Centre is organising a series of events to accompany the Science Fiction exhibition: A Journey into the Unknown.

The events are designed to acquaint us better with the full range of a genre which, for two centuries now, has been drifting between pop culture, mass production and more experimental perspectives.

The subjects to be explored include: the concept of travelling to uncharted territories and fantastic places down the ages; the idea that science fiction can help us envision an alternative world or a desirable future; the links between contemporary art / new media and the sci-fi genre, and the type of socio-political messages they could convey together; the key figures who are currently pushing the boundaries of the genre and recharting its furthest reaches; and, finally, the passion with which the Greek sci-fi community, writers and fans alike, are imagining and defining the genre’s future.

The exhibition will run from October 9, 2017 until January 14, 2018.