New York City Greek Film Festival 2017 is a Winner

Thodoris Atheridis, actor and director of Perfect Strangers, and Smaragda Karidi, a star of the film, came from Athens for the opening night gala at Kellari Taverna in Astoria, celebrating the 11th annual NYC Greek Film Festival. Photo: TNH/Costas Bej

Lights! Cameras! Action! The 11th annual NYC Greek Film Festival 2017 has come to town, along with Greek movie magic. Continuing to grow, the festival is now established as an event that brings out the crowds.

On opening weekend, the Directors Guild Theater was filled at every performance with people eager to see what only Greek film can offer, a unique cinema alive with passion, tragedy, hilarity, and that special sensibility that only the Greek psyche can impart.

Greek filmmakers arrived to …

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