Archdiocese Finance Chairman Received 900K over 10 Years

Mr. George Vourvoulias speaking at the Clergy Laity Congress, in Philadelphia, July of 2014. Photo: TNH/Theodore Kalmoukos

NEW YORK – Archdiocesan Finance Committee Chairman George Vourvoulias, although his position is a volunteer one, received $900,000 from the Archdiocese over the past ten years for travel expenses.

The National Herald has learned that this discovery was made by the newly appointed CFO, Fr. Soterios Baroody, who reported the finding to Archbishop Demetrios. In turn, Demetrios asked Vourvoulias for an explanation and directed the Finance Department to cut off money transfers to Vourvoulias.

The archbishop, Vourvoulias, Baroody, and recently ousted Executive …

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