They Should Beg for Forgiveness, and Some Should Resign

Mr. George Vourvoulias speaking at the Clergy Laity Congress, in Philadelphia, July of 2014. Photo: TNH/Theodore Kalmoukos


The least that His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios, the Holy Eparchial Synod, the Archdiocesan Council, and the Finance Committee should do is to publicly ask forgiveness from the parishes and from the Greek-American community in general for the bankruptcy of the Archdiocese.

Maybe the archbishop is trying to hide behind Jerry Dimitriou’s resignation, but the reality is that Demetrios, not Dimitriou, is the archbishop. Dimitriou was an employee of the Archdiocese, certainly a high ranking one, but it is not just and …

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  1. The Archbishop should never be in charge or even be involved of the finances of the Archdiocese. Jerry Dimitriou should be held accountable for this along with the Metropolitans and the Archbishop himself. The finances need to be looked at and regulated by the parishes on a bi-yearly basis, perhaps 2 competant people from each parish across the country and this can be done over the internet. We’ve allowed this to go on far too long. I for one will reduce my stewardship to the minimum and donate only to construction related expenses for my church along with church ministries until this scandal is dealt with responsibly.

  2. The Greek Orthodox faithful should “not” pay a nickel toward the 8.5 million dollar deficit. The Patriarch, the Holy Synod, The Archdiocesan councils, and the employees of the Archdiocese who mis-managed the finances should take responsibility for the “bankruptcy” they caused.

    For a moment – just think about all the single parents in our communities (myself included) that work, feed and clothes our children, buy school supplies, put braces on their teeth if needed, pay a mortgage or rent, due the necessary maintenance on those dwellings, pay our taxes, pay a monthly payment on a car, insurances, give our time – talent and stewardship to the church, and still manage to stay with our budget…barely!!!
    Our churches and our dioceses need to be fiscally responsible as well.

    Our parishes are struggling, our greek schools are closing, our church buildings and properties our dilapidated in some cases, and our ministries and congregants are dwindling all because of money that is being diverted from our local parishes. Every effort should be made at the local parish for the “building up” of the body of Christ as well as the necessary ministries that will invite the faithful back to church and grow each individual community so our children and their children will have a future.
    ~With love in Christ

  3. Don’t believe all you read. The Archbishop runs the show and he uses others as his scapegoat. The big money people that HE has always counted on have passed away. .He brought in this corporate raider who does not believe in ministries or building the future of the Church. This man bought his position and now is the one who runs the show. The deficit is much less than what this newspapers sources are giving. MUCH LESS but will the truth be told? Doubtful. The new CFO appointed by the Archbishop and Corporate Raider is completely incompetent. He won’t last long once his numbers are proven to be false. Another joke appointing only Clergy to lead the Archdiocese. They do not have the business savvy or skills.

    The Archbishop- uses layman and then discards them after throwing them to the wolves. He does this to layman, not Clergy. When a Clergyman is incompetent,. they are either promoted or sent to another parish.
    When will our Church leaders realize we are losing members every day. Why should I bring my son or daughter to a Church that is not welcoming to all. Address the issues.

    The truth is the Archdiocese is fully audited each year by Independent auditors. There is NO monkey business. However, have no doubt that the Archbishop ruled and no one else. Now, its a different story. Accept money from an individual and be ready to be told how HE will run things from now on.

    Don’t throw others under the bus — be a leader and tell the truth — men of God should not lie.

  4. Archbishop Demitrios is a good man. He has gotten older, as all of us have, but he works very hard. He should NOT be responsible for fundraising. As all the priests of all parishes should NOT be made responsible to bring in money. That’s the job of the stewardship committee. There is nothing more contemptible, than a priest telling his parishioners to offer more. I”ll never forget, when I was a young child, how our priest in Jersey City was telling us that he didn’t want to hear coins going into the tray. Only dollars. Ekklisia is a “getting together” of people. If people have a need to gather to pray and glorify God, then, our churches will prosper. If they don’t, no matter what the priests say, no one will be moved to contribute. Those big donnors that have passed away will not be replaced. They were raised with a pride in their church and with the sense of responsibility, which today is not evident. But, that might be a good thing. After all, the church should not be dependent on one or two parishioners to carry the load, no matter how much money thay have. That creates favoritism and elitism. All of us should support our church. If we don’t, then, the church is not relevant to us and will eventually close.

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