Let’s Show Some Philotimo for Malliotakis

FILE - Greek-American Nicole Malliotakis reading the Herald. Photo: TNH/Costas Bej

After being praised in a New York Times editorial, Nicole Malliotakis has gained steam in her bid to become mayor of New York.

The Times recognized her Cretan “guts” but questioned whether she can unseat incumbent Mayor Bill de Blasio – whom the Times supports – for two reasons:

First, because the city usually elects Democratic candidates, and second, because the Times doubts whether she can raise the money necessary for such an expensive campaign and thus be eligible for public financing.

In other words, the Times indirectly questions the Greek-American community’s ability to financially support her campaign.

Our counterargument is that our community has the requisite resources to fund Malliotakis; all it needs is to be inspired by her.

It is in her hands.

And, by the way, the current mayor is the weakest the city has seen for some time, and is thus politically vulnerable and surely not unbeatable.