1. President Erdogan is the only Savior that can save the Greek Orthodox Diocese in America with a donation of sympathy!!!!

  2. People have become disgusted that there is no accountability of the finances of the metropolises and the archdiocese. Greek schools are closing and the Hellenic college is suffering. Meanwhile the budget has doubled. The cost of St. Nicholas went from 30 million to $60 million and the bishop of NJ lives in NYC and needs a driver to pick him up everyday and bring him to Westfield and then back to Manhatten because he doesn’t want to live in NJ. What’s wrong with this picture ?

  3. The SOLUTION Retire Bishops at 75 years old LIKE the Catholic Church DOES ! Have a Bishop give his letter
    of resignation at at 75 years old and if he is a Good Dynamic Bishop keep him on. The Metropolis Centers are
    NOT suppose to be a retirement centers for Bishops. Priest usually retire at 65 to 70 years old. Many warned the Archdiocese of Calatrava the architect for St Nicholas Church ground zero NY. That ALL of Calatrava’s projects ALWAYS are over Two, Three and even Four times over budget, so let the Greeks that hired Calatrava raise the
    $35 million OVER budget.

  4. My fellow Commentators,

    Hello and greetings!! I am being serious now:

    All of us need to keep our sarcasm(that is me) and all comments away from our children who look at us to be leaders!! Keep smiling and give hope to them!! Have hope in our Lord that HE WILL TAKE CARE OF THIS ALSO!!! PEACE AND LOVE!!

  5. The National Herald must be hurting for money as all the news from or about the Finances of the Archdiocese has a lock on it. I am a subscriber and have called several times and been told they will fix it. But none the less it has not happened. Do you need a double subscription?


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