Greek Police Upgrading Intelligence, Data Gathering Service

(AP Photo/Petros Karadjias)

ATHENS – Greek police and the Citizens’ Protection Ministry are teaming up to provide a more state-of-the-art electronic intelligence gathering and sorting information service and will move a new building.

The division of Information Management and Analysis (DIDAP) will be moved by the end of October from central Athens to the western suburb of Peristeri with new equipment as the service had been unable to keep up with the growing need to gather and process information.

“The operational capabilities of the service will more than double,” a senior officer told Kathimerini, adding that the building is not equipped to handle the increased demands of new technologies.

An unnamed high-ranking official at the Citizens’ Protection Ministry told the paper that the intelligence services’ surveillance capabilities are being upgraded with the help of British experts.

The Greek police headquarters (DIDAP) is also reportedly developing a system to operate a flight passenger name record (PNR) database to vet organized crime and terrorist suspects.

Like the counterterrorism unit and the National Intelligence Agency (EYP), it has an interface system and advanced software for processing the large amount of information it gathers.

The stated objective of DIDAP is to create a space that will be equipped with modern technical infrastructure and specialized software applications, which will provide immediate and “full support in investigations into organized crime and terrorism,” the paper said.

Greece is rife with scores of terrorist and anarchist groups who occasionally attacks symbols they regard as enemies, including politicians, foreign embassies, car dealerships, banks, and those regarded as Capitalist or in league with the country’s international creditors.