Unhappy Trump Fires George Gigicos Over Poor Rally Turnout

FILE - In this Nov. 17, 2016 file photo, George Gigicos talks as he waits for an elevator at Trump Tower in New York. AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster.

Notoriously short on patience and quick to pull the trigger when he’s unhappy, President Donald Trump pushed out George Gigicos, his organizer for post-election events, after a Phoenix arena had empty seats for a key rally where the President came out swinging at critics.

Gigicos joined former Chief of Staff Reince Priebus as a key Greek-American aide sidelined over Trump’s displeasure with their performances and was fuming before he took the stage at the Aug. 22 Arizona appearance when he saw …

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  1. The line “The stupid mic keeps popping! Do you hear that, George? Don’t pay them! Don’t pay them!” is very telling.

    There are countless stories circulating of how Trump as a businessman stiffed so many people. This excerpt tends to show not a premeditated scheme to defraud anyone, but rather an emotional reaction to any instance of imperfection.

    In other words, it’s not like Trump wakes up and says “how can I get out of paying this bill?” it’s more like: “Waiter, my soup was too salty, so I’m not paying a dime of this $300 dinner!”

    I’m not saying either case is right, I’m just distinguishing between the two.

  2. It will also be interesting, and sad, to see how quickly misinformation is spread to Greece that “Trump is firing ONLY the Greeks.” Obviously, Flynn, Comey, Spicer, Scaramucci, Bannon, Gorka, et al. are not Greek.

    1. Costa. You are preemptively defending Trump. I doubt that anyone in Greece will say that he “fires only the Greeks”. They might say that he “fired all the Greeks on his administration” which is correct.
      As for not paying his contractors, If Trump says that I’m not happy with the work this contractor did, don’t pay him, that can lead to abuse. People provide a service, they want to get paid. If the service is not up to par, then, they should either offer less, or take the contractor to court, if there’s no agreement. From what I remember hearing during the campaign, was that Trump certainly had no excuse not to pay for the kind of services that were provided.

    2. Actually, I’m not defending him, Bob. As you know, I am not shy about defending him when I think that is warranted. This is not the case. I am pointing out that there is a difference between scheming to get out of paying the bill and being an ultrademanding consumer.

      Putting myself in the example I used, I would neither scheme to eat an expensive meal at a restaurant without paying, nor would I consider not paying for the meal because a small portion of it (the soup) was too salty. But I certainly see the difference, and so if, let’s say, one of my dinner companions refused to pay because of the salty soup, I would defend him or her against those who say: “(s)he wanted to get out of paying the bill – this is all a scam on his/her part.”

      As for Greeks thinking Trump’s firing of Greeks is an anti-Greek thing, oh yes, there are MANY who will think that. When I was an immigration attorney I was asked by members of the Greek media (it wasn’t this newspaper) to explain my experiences in how the Immigration and Naturalization Service plotted to keep Greeks out and so it delayed their paperwork, etc. I didn’t laugh out loud so as not to sound rude, but I calmly explained that the INS was generally woefully inept, and many of my clients of various nationalities experienced such delays.

  3. In the business world if you as the boss allow an employee to fail you that employee is no longer of value to you. Saying it’s the first time he’s failed is no good as a boss. Because as a boss I would respond , when he succeeded he was doing the job I’m paying him to do, when he failed he didn’t do his job. This is how I do business on a much smaller scale than Donald Trump. I agree with his thinking on these matters and I run my businesses the same way. If the employee is a Greek and even from my village makes no difference in my decision.

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