Letter to the Editor: On German Reparations to Greece

To the Editor of The National Herald:

I want to say what a pleasure it is to have a Greek paper in our community. I think you should write an article why Germany should pay up to Greece for what it did in World War II and why Greece should never pay back the loans from Germany. Germany hasn’t paid its share to Greece after the war.

I know for a fact, my parents come from Kalavryta, and the Germans destroyed everything there and killed all the males my grandfather (35 years old) included. For no reason. The family was also wealthy, but after that day, they lost everything and my father passed away in 2007 a broken man for what they did.

The stories my father told me were horrible. Germany should pay, but they get away with it. And it is a shame. They are nothing but a bully country. Of course they have money they stole it from every country. But Greece never got paid its full value.

Thank you for your time.

George A. Liakopoulos

Little Neck, NY