Letter to the Editor: The War of Words

To the Editor:

I realize that The National Herald is a Greek-American newspaper, but there are times when world events require comment even if not specifically related to Greece or Cyprus. The escalating war of words between the United States and North Korea is not helping the situation for either country or for the world, for that matter.

The Korean War, which never officially ended, may flare up again as the result of careless insults and taunts exchanged between two leaders who are acting more like children in a schoolyard that leaders of nations.

The fact that the dates of the Korean War are set at 1950-53 is misleading because the conflict was undeclared by all participants and ended not with a peace treaty signed, but only with an armistice that set up the Korean Demilitarized Zone.

Greece was one of the nations that sent troops as part of the United Nations forces, and many Greek-Americans serving in the US military also fought in Korea. Their efforts were apparently a waste. The Cold War never ended and again we seem on the verge of who knows what in the region.

Whatever happened to diplomacy? Is diplomacy even possible when the leaders of countries are only willing to escalate their war of words?

When so many lives are at stake, why can’t world leaders “use their words” like we tell children in playground disputes, to settle arguments?

Maybe they should meet and talk it out before they send young people to risk their lives over, what exactly is North Korea’s problem with the United States?

Is it American imperialism, capitalism? Does the North Korean dictator want to be in charge of the world? Can he do a better job than everyone else?

The footage of soldiers marching in super-straight lines does not inspire confidence in that regard. It only reminds us of the goose-stepping Nazis and we all know what happened to them.

Panagiota G. Philippou
Seattle, WA


  1. You ask many questions which may only be answered by the principals and not by the average American, average Greek or average Cypriot.
    We all know the shortcomings of capitalism, imperialism, despotism, communism and so many philosophies and ideologies that prevail throughout the earth. What we need to know and apply are Christian values which teach us “to do to others what we want done to yourself”.
    You can’t expect the new sheriff in town, Donald Trump to deal with critical issues such as war and peace the way that President Obama did. President Obama was a statesman. Trump is something else.

    1. In the eight years Obama was president please tell us what he did to prevent the Norks from acquiring nukes and missiles.

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