OINOXENEIA: Landscapes and Tastes of Aigialeia (video)

Aigialeia is dressed up in white, rosé and red colors. It pairs fine local wines with flavors and tastes of the local cuisine, offering a joyful and deligh ul experience in its beau ful landscapes.

«The colors of taste» is the theme of «Oinoxeneia 2017».

The journey is full of beau ful surprises.

  • Flavour balancing guided by wine
  • Artistic events
  • Events in wineries
  • Tours in vineyards
  • Wine tastings
  • Explorations
  • Exhibitions
  • Concerts

This year’s Oinoxeneia will be an opportunity to explore the harmony of tastes in a land which uniquely combines nature with people, tradi on with culture, long history with the present day and sea with fir!

A land praised by Pausanias (Greek traveller and geographer of the 2nd century AD) for its vineyards and by Alexander Payne (Academy award winner director) “Interna onal ambassador of Aigialeia’s wines”, for its wines and hospitality.

A land with flavor complexity and long a ertaste.

Oinoxeneia is organized for the 5th year by DI.K.EP.A. – Municipal Welfare Business of Aigialeia and is one of the most important wine tourism fes vi es in the country. Protagonists and conjoiners of all the events are the fine local wines and wineries of the Oinoxeneia network.

This year accessing Aigialeia will be quicker and safer via the new Olympia Odos highway. You are all invited to enjoy the journey through the Wine Roads of Aigialeia, living the Oinoxeneia experience!