Bishop Sevastianos of Zela New Metropolitan of Chicago

His Grace Bishop Sebastianos o Zela, Chief Secretary of the Holy Eparchial Synod of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America

NEW YORK – His Grace Bishop Sevastianos of Zela was elected Metropolitan of Chicago during the process of the selection of the three person ballot (triprospon) by the Holy Eparchial Synod of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, presided by His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios Geron of America.

Bishop Sevastianos was until now the Chief Secretary of the Holy Eparchial Synod and the Spiritual Advisor to the National Philoptochos Society. He was ordained a Bishop and given the honorary title of the city of Zela on December 17, 2011.

The result of the selection process of the Eparchial Synod will be sent to the Ecumenical Patriarchate for the ratification by its Holy Synod by the official election. According to the existing tradition the Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate presiding by His All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew elects the candidate who gets the majorly of the votes of the Eparchial Synod.

Bishop Sevastianos was born in Ano-Zodia, Cyprus, he is the first born of three children of Panayiota and Frixos Skordallos. He is a graduate of the Theological School of the University of Athens, Greece (1978). He received a scholarship through the World Council of Churches to study in the United States at Columbia Theological Seminary, Decatur Georgia (1982) where he received a Th.M. in Pastoral Psychology. He has worked and received advanced certification in Clinical Pastoral Education at Caraway Methodist Medical Center, Birmingham, Alabama (1980-1982), and furthered his studies in Pastoral Psychology at Vanderbilt University, Nashville Tennessee and Middle Tennessee State University (1982-1984).


  1. This is the most ridicuslously swayed decision I have ever read. What absolute non-sense and a complete disgrace to the Greek Orthodox religion as a whole. Shame on this “triprospon” for taking care of their interests over the interests of a progressive mass urban community as a whole. What experience does this man have running any type of metropolitan region in a time where violence is at an all time high and young urban professionals are the generation yearning change and intellectual thought (in ENGLISH, NOT broken Greek like his own). I see no publications that he has written that provoke innovative or creative thought – spiritual or otherwise. Another old man in black with a beard who will hold this religion back in lieu of his counterparts, one of whom was willing to take on noble causes like abolishing the Death Penalty in the State of Illinois. The world is changing, and a decision like this just sent Greeks back to Plato’s Cave. This wonderful “triprospon” should go back to Greece where they fit in with all the corruption and back handed favors.

  2. D. Crenfull, your comments lack Orthodox understanding and human dignity! The right choice was made and we believe as Orthodox Christians that the Holy Spirit guided this result! The Holy Spirit is not acting only when it works out the way that you want. Certainly the elected candidate is known to be a loving and humble man. We don’t need provocative publications! We need love, humility, and spiritual guidance! And for the record, the candidate that you mention in your comment whom helped abolish the death penalty served his own ambitions in everything he did and by the way, he was not the author of most of “his” writings either. I’ll take a boring writer with little experience who has humility and love any day! Most of us just prayed that the Holy Spirit guided the Holy Synod to do what was best for His Church. If you have an issue, take it up with the Holy Spirit, but the rest of us will support the Church and our new shepherd! May God grant him many years!

  3. I’m afraid the comment of D. Crenful is entirely incomprehensible to the average reader, not knowing the detailed affairs of the Chicago Metropolis. It is urgent time for a dynamic and catalytic change in this wide Metropolis, loaded with legal, ethical, moral and governmental issues. Unfortunately, I would not involve the “Holy Spirit” in this shady business, unless our hierarchs rise above the usual routes and methods of “simonia” and nepotism that plague our Orthodox Church! Time for the lay element to wake up!

    1. “Father” Basil Papanikolaou: You have been defrocked by the church. Please stop trying to ruin the church for other people.

  4. Looks like the higher powers of the Greek Orthodox church have seen through this decision after all. This article was written prematurely to sway the public, and it looks like your “chosen” shepherd wasn’t the chosen one after all, Orthodox33. Another example of how church and politics don’t mesh.

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