Greek Police Recover More than 700 Kilos of Stolen Jewellery in two Apartments

Stolen gold, silver and even diamond jewellery. Photo: Eurokinissi

ATHENS (ANA) – Attica security police on Saturday announced that more than 700 kilos of stolen gold, silver and even diamond jewellery has been recovered in raids on two apartments in the Athens suburb of Halandri. The loot was found during an ongoing investigation of the so-called ‘West Attica Mafia’ and the activities of two organised criminal gangs robbing homes and companies throughout Greece.

The investigation into the two gangs, which were uncovered by police last November, led authorities to the two apartments rented by a 43-year-old fence from Menidi, who was arrested on June 16. Police estimate that the value of the stolen goods found in the two apartments is extremely high, while they also found 100,000 euros in cash that was hidden in crypts inside the two apartments.

The investigation is continuing and announcements will be made by Attica security police when it is completed.