Giannis, Thanasis Antetokounmpo at the OCC-Athens (Video)

Giannis and Thanasis Antetokounmpo. Photo:

ATHENS – In what seems to be an unexpected partnership, the Onassis Foundation welcomes at the Onassis Cultural Centre two young men who have made Greece proud, Giannis and Thanasis Antetokounmpo.

They will discuss with Afroditi Panagiotakou about the difficulties they encountered during their early beginning, the many obstacles, their achievements, and the opportunities they had. It is an important collaboration and encounter of a symbolic character. For more, come at the Onassis Cultural Centre on Saturday, 24 June.

#Antetokounbros στη Στέγη Live

#Antetokounbros στη Στέγη LiveΖωντανά από την Κεντρική Σκηνή, ο Γιάννης και ο Θανάσης Αντετοκούνμπο συζητούν για όλα όσα χρειάζονται για να φτάσεις ψηλά με την Αφροδίτη Παναγιωτάκου, Διευθύντρια Πολιτισμού Ιδρύματος Ωνάση.

Στέγη Ιδρύματος Ωνάση / Οnassis Cultural Centre Athens 发布于 2017年6月24日

Giannis and Thanasis Antetokounmpo at the Onassis Cultural Centre: they will not talk so much about basketball, but about the importance of the journey, about what it means to be “Greek”, and about all that it takes in order to succeed. Hosted by Afroditi Panagiotakou, Director of Culture, Onassis Foundation.