AHC Earthquake Relief for Lesbos

FILE - The debris of damaged buildings after an earthquake in the village of Vrissa on the northeastern Greek island of Lesbos, Monday, June 12, 2017. Photo: Eurokinissi/Vasilis Rougos

LOS ANGELES – On Monday, June 12th, 2017 the Greek island of Lesbos was hit with a magnitude 6.3 earthquake, which has left the island devastated and its residents in need of immediate assistance.

Local authorities have already declared a state of emergency on the island since Tuesday, and initial reports claim that one woman is confirmed dead, ten injured, and more than 800 people displaced.

In the small village of Vrissa the Mayor Spyros Gallinos has been quoted saying that the village looked as if it has been “flattened by bombs.” At a time when Greece is still suffering economic hardships and struggling to cope with the continuing refugee crisis, the Greek people, now more than ever, need the world to look deep into its heart and come to the aid of the birthplace of democracy and western values.

The American Hellenic Council (AHC) is launching the #PrayForLesbos campaign to raise funds to help those Greeks in need. All donations will be hand-delivered by AHC directly to relief agencies on the ground in Lesbos.

AHC is encouraging all to take action now!

A Go Fund Me project has been established allowing people to click on a link and donate what they can to help those effected by the recent earthquake in the Aegean. To increase the impact of the support for AHC’s campaign donors are asked to invite friends and loved ones to also donate, and to “please tweet and Facebook about our fundraiser using #PrayForLesbos to share the cause with the broader community!”


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