Greece Signs Nicosia Convention on Offences Related to Cultural Property Goods

FILE - UN Secretary- General Antonio Guterres (R) met Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias over Cyprus. (Eskinder Debebe/The United Nations via AP)

NICOSIA (ANA) – The 127th annual meeting of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe, with the participation of 28 foreign ministers, 8 deputy foreign ministers and 10 permanent representatives of the 47 member states of the organization, is taking place on Friday in Nicosia with the participation of Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias.

The participants signed the Nicosia Convention on offences related to cultural goods. This is the first international treaty that provides for the criminalization of the illicit trafficking of cultural property goods.

The convention was signed by Greece, Cyprus, Armenia, Portugal, San Marino and Mexico.
The Greek Foreign Minister described as contradictory and often competitive the relationship between the economic system and democracy, pointing out that “what is mediating in order to move and survive this relationship is the rule of law.”

The agenda of the meeting also included the issue of “enhancing democratic security in Europe,” the fight against terrorism, the issue of migration and the conflicts in Europe.

At the closing session, Cyprus will deliver the Presidency of the Committee of Ministers to the Czech Republic.

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