Greek Hospitality Meets Fine Art on Santorini Island

Santorini, Greece. Photo: Eurokinissi

SANTORINI, Greece – The opening of the Aqua Gallery, the exciting new art space of Aqua Vista Hotels, which is housed in the Art Hotel at Pyrgos Santorini, took place with great success on Sunday 7 May. The exhibition entitled ‘From Athens to Santorini: Greeks artists’ trips’ is the first in a series of events which have been planned within the framework of the art platform #Rest@rt, and it was received with the highest critical acclaim.

Aqua Gallery opened its doors for the first time on Sunday 7 May to present the group work ‘From Athens to Santorini: Greeks artists’ trips’ in collaboration with the Eos art gal-lery under the curation of art historian Marina Kanakaki. Twenty talented Greek artists submitted original work to the exhibition, giving everyone an opportunity to take a fascinating journey into the contemporary Greek art scene.

Most of the contributing artists arrived for the opening of Aqua Gallery, which drew a great deal of attention not only from those staying at the Art Hotel, but also from visitors to the island of Santorini and its residents. Representatives of the regional authorities and the executives of Aqua Vista Hotels honoured the gallery’s event with their presence, while the opening attracted immense interest amongst those attending, who enthused about the venue and the work on show. Many commented on the high standard and artistic kudos of the event, which was analogous to respective exhibitions in the capital of Athens.

Referring to the opening of the Aqua Gallery, Mrs Sofia Matzourani, Business Develop-ment Manager of Aqua Vista Hotels stated; “The opening of the Aqua Gallery demon-strates Aqua Vista Hotels’unique approach to hospitality in the most pragmatic manner possible. The guests of the Art Hotel and the general public will have the wonderful opportunity to familiarise themselves with the extensive scope of Greek hospitality by exploring the contemporary artistic identity of our country at the Aqua Gallery.”

More about Aqua Vista Hotels

Aqua Vista Hotels wasfounded in 2005 and today manages a portfolio of more than 30 hotels in Greece on the islands of Santorini, Mykonos, Paros, Naxos, Lesvos and Skia-thos.

Managed by executives who have a great deal of experience in the hotel and tourism in-dustry, all of whom possess a passion for the hospitality sector, Aqua Vista Hotels is in-volved in the creation and curation of hotels with a unique identity. Handling everything from architectural aspects to the interior design, the group is also responsible for the over-all concept of the experience offered, as well as managing the bookings and the day to day functioning of all departments.

A hotel with a healthy and profitable operation, first class amenities and facilities and the creation of an unforgettable guest experience are all factors which define the objectives of Aqua Vista Hotels when embarking on any venture or collaboration.

Source: Tornos News