1st International Workshop for the Western Silk Road in Alexandroupolis

Photo: ANA

ALEXANDROUPOLIS, Greece – The opening of the 1st International Workshop for the Western Silk Road was held on Wednesday in Alexandroupolis with the participation of around 50 delegates from 33 countries and the presence of Tourism Minister Elena Kountoura.

“Greece and Greek tourism have a key role to play in promoting policies and further developing tourism and cooperation in the Mediterranean and Europe. Greece is one of the most popular European destinations and is among the 15 most popular destinations in the world … There are all the conditions for attracting visitors and developing tourist activity throughout the year”, she underlined while addressing the event.

Kountoura noted that since 2015 the Ministry has designed and implemented a new national tourism policy based on 5 strategic axes: The extension of the summer tourist season, the opening of new foreign markets, the promotion of new Greek destinations, the promotion of thematic tourism and attracting new high added value investments for the high quality of the tourist product.

She stressed that in the years 2015-2016, tourism reached an annual growth rate of 7 pct, twice the world average. She underlined that 2017 made a positive start, with an increase of 15-70 pct in all our main markets, estimating that it would be another record year of tourism performance.