Kourοi Found on Chios Displayed at Chios Archaeological Museum

Kouroi, Chios, Photo: ANA

CHIOS, Greece (ANA) – The two kourοi from Apollo and Artemis sanctuary at the port of Emporios, Chios island, are now on display at the Archaeological Museum of Chios with the assistance of the Acropolis Museum experts.

The kourοi were unearthed in 2004 by archaeologist Kokkona Roumbou. One of the kourοi is from a Paros island workshop and is dated back to 560 BC. The other kouros has been probably made at a Chios workshop in the period 575-550 BC.

These important artifacts of the 6o century BC sculture remained in a warehouse of the Antiquities Ephorate despite the efforts to be displayed.

The director of Chios Antiquities ephorate Olga Vassi asked from the director of the Acropolis Museum Dimitris Pandermalis to assist them. Pandermalis accepted and the curators of Acropolis Museum Giorgos Hatzilenis and Dimitris Kilkis in cooperation with Chios Antiquities Ephorate transferred them to the museum. “The problems were solved with the use of the Acropolis Museum technology,” said Vassi adding that “the missing parts were replaced with stainless steel rods.”