Isn’t there another … Christos Sartzetakis? By Antonis H. Diamataris

We must confess that, when the crisis erupted in Greece, we innocently believed that corruption would finally be tackled mercilessly.
However, it soon became apparent that the “system” was not prepared to take on the difficult task of cleaning house against corruption.
Nor was even the troika able – or willing – to impose that the country be rid of corruption.

And yet, there are always the… lunatics who do their duty, regardless of the consequences. One such example was the young prosecutor (and later President of Greece widely known for his integrity) Christos Sartzetakis, who investigated the assassination of the left-wing Member of Parliament Grigoris Lambrakis, and whose determination to uncover the truth turned the Constitutional monarchy on its head.

Another current example is the revolution against corruption that is surprisingly (!) taking place in Latin America.

It started when the Brazilian construction company Obedrecht admitted to have paid $800 million in bribes for politicians in a number of Latin American countries.

Consequently, brave and incorruptible prosecutors and judges did their duty.

In Peru, a judge ordered the arrest of a former president on corruption charges.

In Argentina, a prosecutor ordered an investigation for bribery against the leader of its secret services.

In Brazil, the authorities filed charges against the former president.

So what are the Greeks prosecutors waiting for then? Is everything angelical in Greece? Is there no one who does his/her job?

Is there not a modern-day Christos Sartzetakis?