Roman-Era Corinth Via 3D Animation (Video)

A 3D animation of Roman-Era Corinth has been making the rounds online, as the American School of Classical Studies at Athens mentioned.

The video invites viewers to begin to visualize and understand the massive size and scale of Corinth in the 2nd century CE. From the Lechaion Road to monuments including the stadium, Julian Basilica, Forum, Peirene Fountain, Temple of Apollo, Temple E, Theater, Odeion, Acrocorinth, amphitheater (just to name a few) to the colorful market scenes and city sounds, this video serves as an introduction to an important crossroads in the Roman Empire.

Corinth Excavations was not involved in the making of the video; it was created by the History in 3D Creative Team for Georgios Terzis with Danila Loginov, Andrey Zarov, and Vyacheslav Derbenev. Archaeologists are always learning more about the past thanks to continued excavation and publication, and any animation has biases and flaws, but we are excited to see this great start to presenting such an important city!

If you’ve been inspired to dig deeper, check out the entire Corinth Excavations digital database for links to archival images, archaeological finds, monument summaries, building plans, excavation reports and notebooks, and more, or download K-12 educational resources freely available from Corinth Excavations.


  1. What a masterpiece, my respect for the maker of this 3D animation video. The video just took me in that era like I am walking around the streets of Rome. Thanks for sharing

  2. The models and the architecture designing is great and the camera rotation and timing too such a good example of 3d animation video.

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