Daglis Family’s Food Truck Ready to Serve After Passing Health Inspection

Photo: Facebook.

PHILADELPHIA – Gregory Daglis and his wife Terry Daglis have gotten the OK for their truck and they are ready to hit the road and prepare their spanakopita, pastichio and other popular Greek dishes.

Mr. Daglis grew up in the restaurant business. His parents, both from Greece, owned a landmark diner for decades in Wildwood Crest, and Daglis worked there through his early 20s until he eventually found himself working in the investment and financial world, Philadelphia Business Journal reports.

The name their Food Truck “Phyllodelphia” and, as they say on their website, they serve a unique style of Greek and Mediterranean food in a gourmet manner.
“We are unique in the Philadelphia region by specializing in Phyllo dough, a rich and buttery Greek pastry. We fill the phyllo dough with an assortment of mixtures from the traditional spinach and cheese to innovate recipes of explosive flavors. The portability of our mobile service can provide access to large volume of customers who are searching for food options that are flavorful and for the foodies that are fans of Greek/Mediterranean cooking.”

Phyllodelphia specializes in serving Phyllo filled pastry elevated to today’s culinary ideals. “Phyllodelphia LLC’s (Phyllodelphia) mission statement is to provide the rich flavors of Greek and Mediterranean food served in a unique casual gourmet method on a mobile platform. Our theme surrounds utilizing Phyllo dough, the rich and buttery Greek pastry.”

Phyllodelphia was recently (April 18, 2016) awarded the runner up award for best hors d’oeuvres in the Philadelphia Taste of Success from the Entrepreneur Works in Philadelphia. Phyllodelphia was awarded a $250.00 price for our placement.

“We cater to the growing food truck marketplace in the Philadelphia Suburb region, with a concentration of special events and food festivals, micro-breweries, wineries, and farmers markets. Our food truck serves casual gourmet Greek/Mediterranean food. We specialize in serving Phyllo triangles stuffed with a variety of food items (Spinach/Cheese, Buffalo Chicken, Sausage, and Chocolate). We are unique to the Philadelphia region to serve phyllo in this manner,” the Daglis family concludes.

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