6 Greeks Inducted into US National Academy of Engineering

WASHINGTON, DC – The National Academy of Engineering (NAE) has elected 84 new members and 22 foreign members, among them 6 Greek researchers (3 in each category). This brings the total US membership to 2,281 and the number of foreign members to 249. Individuals in the newly elected class will be formally inducted during a ceremony at the NAE’s annual meeting in Washington, DC, on Oct. 8, 2017.

Congratulations to:
1. Leonidas Guibas: Professor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, computer science department, Stanford University. Recognized for contributions to data structures, algorithm analysis, and computational geometry.

2. Dimitris Katsoulis: Senior research scientist, Dow Corning Corp., Midland, Michigan. Recognized for foundational contributions to the characterization and creation of novel silicone resins, gels and elastomers, and catalysis for organosilanes.

3. Ioannis Yannas: Professor of polymer science and engineering, department of mechanical engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Recognized for co-developing the first commercially reproducible artificial skin that facilitates new growth, saving the lives of thousands of burn victims.

4. Georges Hadziioannou: University Professor Classe Exceptionelle, Laboratoire de Chimie des Polymères Organiques, Université de Bordeaux. Recognized for foundational discoveries and insights enabling the development of polymers with advanced functionality and performance.

5.Joseph Sifakis: Professor, School of Computer and Communication Science, École Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne. Recognized for co-inventing model checking and for contributions to the development and verification of real-time and embedded systems.

6. Constantinos Vayenas: Professor, department of chemical engineering, University of Patras. Recognized for fundamental studies on electrochemical modification of catalytic activity leading to the industrial design and use of new promoted catalysts.