Will Greece become known as being anti-Trump?

Everyone is trying to elicit President Donald Trump’s intentions on the basis of his first decisions. But this is not easy.

What is clear is that Trump will be a different kind of president than any we have seen before.

However, the fact that his campaign promises are in line with his executive actions is quite promising, whether one agrees with them or not.

For example, he had announced that he would pull the country out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the 12-nation trade agreement, which he did (an action which might cost the country dearly). He had promised to repeal Obamacare and took the first official action, although Congress will need to enact legislation in order to dismantle it entirely.

What obscures the situation, and may crush his presidency in the long term, is the ongoing fierce war with the media, including the most prestigious outlets.

For example, on the one hand he describes the media as being “among the world’s most dishonest people.”

On the other hand, a recent New York Times headline read “Meeting With Top Lawmakers, Trump Repeats an Election Lie” (that the vote of millions of unauthorized immigrants had robbed him of a popular vote).

CNN takes it even further.

But even the Wall Street Journal is on the same line, although with much more caution and on political issues – as it should.

In any event, based on my years of experience, please allow me to share a thought with the Greek media, not because I somehow expect them to listen to me, but due to a sense of obligation:

They should not regard Trump’s presidency as negative from the outset, and they should not just follow the pack by superficially criticizing anything and everything he does.

They should consider that, at the end of the day, all of us, Trump included, are judged by our deeds and not – just – our words.

And, he should mainly be judged by the decisions he will take in regards to Greece.

So if the media turns the Greek people massively against him now, without circumspection, if the country earns the reputation of being anti-Trump, then besides the fact that it will neutralize his close Greek-American advisors, it will also turn him against the Greek people. And that might cost them dearly.

The Greeks made a similar mistake during the Reagan administration and the country paid for it –remember the travel advisory ? – as did former Greek Prime Minister Andreas Papandreou, who pleaded but was never invited to the White House by the American President, despite the many interventions by Alex Spanos.



  1. This aricle is rigjt about giving Trump a chance but its facts are off.

    The treval advvisory under Reagan was a smear job on Greece. The reason it happened was because of terrorist incident in Greece (by Muslims not Greeks). Despite this I generally liked Reagan but he made a big mistake by doing this (senseleslsy damaging Greek American relations). To wit.. would Reagan have issued a travel advistory against America for the massive teerrorist action that occured on 9/11…from flights that originated at American airports?

    The seond major mistake is not understanding that the Greeks that oppose Trump would oppose any rightwing US President. Unfortunately Greek politics hasa a habit of occationally veering to the extreme left or right. At the moment its the extreme left id in charge (i.e. Marxist Tspiras and the far leftist clowns that voted him him).

    A third point missingg…alliances are a two way street. Tthe US hasn’t exactly been a reliable ally these last few years. Both left and right wing Americans have been dishonerably looking the other way as Turks violate our borders. They look the other way as Skopians ridiculously attempt to narrate themselves into “ancient macedonians” and promote irredentism.

    Trump claims to be different than his prediceessors. As long as he doesn’t resort to things like toture and bigotry towards minorities (his platform in words)…support Greco-Roman culture against threats like Islamic extremism…and of course supports Greece… we should support him. If he evades like Obama and Bush did over issues like Skopje… it would be a signal we should shopping for new allies. Russians are feelling hemmed it. We must consider getingt some Russsian nukes in Greece to protect us if our 65 year NATO allies in America are no longer intersted in being allies.

    That all said, we must wait before passing any judgment pro or against. Let the man’s actions decide not pre-formulated opinion. We also need to ger rid of the communist running Greece (as his Marxist rhetoric is guaranteed to poison relations just as Tsipiras managed to do with EU/IMF)

    1. Best thing he did taking us out of TPP….people should research what it means and realize it gives corporations the right to do as they please wherever they please with immunity!

      GO TRUMP!

  2. It’s still very early but the major problem Greeks seem to be having with Trump is the perception that he is favoring Turkey over Greece, which is a sore point with Greeks here, at least in the north (Thessaloniki). He just had a phone call with Erdogan yesterday. I explain to people that, unfortunately, Greece is not as geopolitically important to US interests as Turkey, but that doesn’t impress anyone. I look for a low-boil negative attitude towards the US in the coming years unless some tangible aid from Uncle Sam is forthcoming, either economically, or militarily.

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