Congratulations Mr. President and Best of Luck

As Donald Trump is about to take the oath of office as the 45th president of the United States, admittedly there is a lot of skepticism about his performance so far and his temperament to lead the country and in so many aspects the world as well.

One thing that seems to be certain at this moment is that the Trump presidency will be unlike any in memory.

He carries the promise to act as a revolutionary agent in many respects, even to turn things upside down, at least as we know them, since the end of World War II.

Any change, even on a small scale, is terrifying to many people. And Trump promises big ones, so the fear factor is even greater.

But is this necessarily bad? Could it possibly be that a fresh look at things after such a long time of stalemate is indeed necessary as an engine of progress?

It might very well be time for a shakeup of things. Then, if that is the case, Trump’s election can be seen as a mandate given to him by the people for change.

Now, one needs to be very careful both of the kind of change that is needed in America and the world and on the way it’s implemented.

That can make all the difference.

Trumps choices for the cabinet posts so far, especially the most consequential ones, seem to be solid. Provided that he delegates properly and lets his picks do their jobs, the country– and the world– will be fine.

If we are to believe the polls– and admittedly our faith in them has being shaken–  his popularity is the worst of any president in a decades. Yet, this can change fast if his policies win the approval of the people.

And it is crucial to stress that what we should focus on and draw our conclusions from should be his policies, what he does, rather than what he says.

All and all this promises to be an interesting time in the life of the nation and the world.

For the sake of every one we should give President Donald Trump at least the benefit of the doubt. We should not be rushing to definitive conclusions even if we are inclined to.

Congratulations Mr. President and best of luck.

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  1. I hope that our readers take note of this fine example set by The National Herald. Personally, I supported Donald Trump, and wrote about that often in my op-ed column. But the newspaper did not. In fact, it endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.

    Yet this editorial, wishing Mr. Trump well as he is about to become our 45th president, is a type of patriotism and sportsmanship sorely lacking in the media as a whole, and among the American population as a whole.

    I wish that all Americans could follow this example and show support for our president, no matter who he or she might be.

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