Fr. Luke Melackrinos Suspended from St. Paul’s Cathedral in Hempstead

Fr. Luke Melackrinos

BOSTON– Rev. Luke Melackrinos was placed on suspension from all his liturgical and administrative duties as presiding priest at the prestigious St. Paul’s Cathedral in Hempstead, NY for his alleged inappropriate contact electronically with an adult female parishioner.
According to sources from within the parish and also the Archdiocese Fr. Melackrinos was sending electronically inappropriate photographs of himself to his female parishioner. Attempts by TNH to contact Fr. Melackrinos, the parish council president, and the Archdiocese have gone answered. Melackrinos was serving at the parish since 2006. He is married with three children.

More details to follow.


  1. Have some respect for a hurting soul that has done so much good for his community. You should do more research before crucifying our priest and expose the WOMAN who tempted and provoked a good, just man. In fact, dig a little further and you will find many more of these stories throughout the country. The archdioses should provide psychological support for the wellbeing of all of our priests. There is obviously a serious need. And LAYMEN should be more responsible and RESPECT the holy positions that these priests hold. And know that they are NOT tools for their own enjoyment! I pray for Fr. Luke and shame on that woman!

    1. Blaming the woman? Are you kidding? How ignorant, cliche, presumptuous, and pedestrian. Big yawn. It seems to me that the congregation has a challenge on its hands, that is, to forgive. Let’s see our faith be put into practice for both involved.

  2. All denominations have problems with clergy misconduct. Unfortunately, it has happened in the GOA and other orthodox jurisdictions in America. We can not judge. My prayers are with his family and parish. I hope that this is the last incident for a while. Most clergy are sincere and honest. There are good and bad in all professions. It takes one or two bad ones to ruin their reputations.

  3. Fr. Luke is a kind soul and great for our community!
    I don’t and can’t believe this.
    He has always been a gentleman and has always placed his parish and family first!
    Praying that all aligations will come out false as this effects all!

  4. To Anonymous,
    Let’s not blame only the “woman” in what is being investigated. And, although Father Luke is kind, respectful and supportive of his community, the
    hurting soul would be not Father Luke rather souls, his spouse and children.

  5. St Paul’s is a magnificent church with a beautiful community. Our church history is so long and so much love and effort was put forth into building it. In a moment of weakness, the evil one TRIED to destroy a good priest, a beautiful family and my community. In reality, he did the opposite. You see, it is in times like this, that many of us find an even greater strength in our faith. I pray for all of those involved but I also pray that every member of my parish finds an even deeper love for God through this difficult time. Now is the perfect opportunity to support Him even more than we have in the past, defend our faith a little more and Embrace Christ more than we ever have. I love my church and my St Paul’s family so much more. Our faith must NOT been shaken, we must come together as the Body of Christ and support and strengthen one another.

  6. I was baptized at st. Paul’s Cathedral almost fifty years ago, and although I have not attended the parish since I was young child, I have a deep-seated spiritual connection to St. Paul’s as well as all the Greek Orthodox churches – including the Greek Orthodox church I attend now.

    The last six years has brought so much heartache to the Greek Orthodox church and the faithful. And contrary to what St. James wrote in his letters (1:2) , it is not easy to “count it all joy when you fall into various trials.” Whether those trials are community based or individually based. I agree wholeheartedly with Anastasia’s last sentence, “we must come together as the Body of Christ and support and strengthen one another.” That is who we are as Greeks and most importantly that is who we as Children of God.

    Remember, the nature of church is to shape a society, and not be shaped by that society.

    “Deacon: In peace let us pray to the Lord.
    People/Choir: Lord, have mercy.
    Deacon: For the peace from above and for the salvation of our souls, let us pray to the Lord.
    People/Choir: Lord, have mercy.
    Deacon: For the peace of the whole world, for the stability of the holy churches of God, and for the unity of all, let us pray to the Lord.
    People/Choir: Lord, have mercy…“

    With love in Christ

  7. I wish I had similar treatment by our Archdiocese when my presvitera passed on after a five-year struggle with cancer. Not even a phone call from anybody!Having been left with a disabled son and the depression of my widowhood, I decided to contract a new marriage, and then, my church was very quick to apply fake canons, called “Apostolic” but composed in the 4th century by myopic and misogynist monks and deprived me of my active priesthood, my civil right in the glorious 21st century. What a criminal act, indeed!

  8. Father Luke is a wonderful person. He’s kind and incredibly caring. He was there for me through my divorce and helped me with my son’s Chrismation. He helped guide me to a better place. My son has mild autism and loves St. Paul’s. Father Luke, Father Constantine and Nicole are all warm and loving people who have always made my son feel welcomed and not judged which is more than I can say for many others. “Judgement” has clearly become a new way of life for many since tons of people are quick to jump on that wagon before thinking about their own imperfections and shortcomings. I am not condoning any inappropriate behavior that may have transpired but none of us know all the details…there’s hardly anything mentioned about the woman involved or those who reported these alleged transgressions. I am divorced as a result of infidelity on my ex-husband’s part. I know the stinging pain of discovering this type of deception. No one is perfect. I chose to forgive my ex-husband and move on. I chose not to harbor negative feelings. It eventually made me a stronger person.

    Whether Father Luke had a moment of ” weakness” , a lapse in judgement or maybe he’s just the focus of some major BS- whatever the case may be…he should not be discredited for how much good he has done for our community, how much of his time and heart he has given to others. Until an investigation is complete with a conclusive disposition- Father Luke and his family deserve the respect of privacy and not the belittling of those basking in the glory of gossip and constant hearsay. He has supported so many of us for so long…now it’s our turn to support him.

  9. I can support the man, but I cannot support his actions. He must be held responsible for what he has done. He knew that it was morally wrong. It is wrong for a married man, and especially a married man of the cloth. He says he is sorry. All wrongdoers say that after they are caught. There is something called free will. My heart goes out to his wife and children and hope God gives them strength to get through this terrible time.

  10. I’m not a St Luke parishioner and have never been at that church. I am a parishioner of another Greek Orthodox church in New Jersey. My observation of all the positive comments by parishioners, who are quick to forgive their priest are heart rendering. However, forgiveness is given by God only. Not by man, as far as a misdeed such as this goes. According to the NY POST and TNH, he admitted wrongdoing. He is not just being accused with no reason. People should not be so forgiving, so quickly. He betrayed his calling and all the parishioners that looked up to him. He created a scandal, which will leave lasting marks in our young people. He was well paid from what I heard. he is married with 3 children. Sure, he was a good priest, but, the end is what counts. He has inflicted untold damage to his parish and the Greek Orthodox church. Any good that he performed has been eclipsed by the damage hi inflicted . I strongly believe that its better not to have a priest and let the church close, than have a priest that concerns himself with money and its pursuit. Some priests feel so elevated by their parishioners, that hubris takes over and forget their true calling.

    1. We are to have understanding. These things are brought on by stress, illness, and by other difficulties. The pressure on a Priest and clergy is enormous. They serve and others take. Now it’s time for us to give back and help. Pray for the. family and community. Our Lord can heal and make us whole again.

  11. We are to have understanding. These things are brought on by stress, illness, and by other difficulties. The pressure on a Priest and clergy is enormous. They serve and others take. Now it’s time for us to give back and help. Pray for the. family and community. Our Lord can heal and make us whole again.

  12. They(President) (Current) cover up so many lies at St. Paul’s and when will they be truly investigated… How many more cover ups are they doing… .. people you are all blind….

  13. Investigate deeper and you will uncover all their dirty lies they are hiding… current president of St. Paul’s church….

  14. This needs to be handled in a Biblical way. We should all consider that seriously before writing our comments.

  15. This needs to be handled by in a Biblical way. We should consider that seriously when making comments. We have to set an example for others, or strive to that end.

  16. I read through many comments. I think we need to look to our sculptures for answers. The Bible is sufficient, sola scriptura. I am in prayer for all of us. We need peace and healing as only our Lord can give us. Earthly pragmatism and human wisdom will always fall short.

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