A hopeful message for 2017

It is not easy for one to comment on the situation in Greece these past years. And it’s not easy because no matter how much you look for it, you can not find almost anything positive to comment on.

Not due to lack of isolated actions undertaking by individuals that fill your soul with pride. Such as the grandmothers in Lesvos that gave milk to the refugee boy and took care of his Mom.

Or the great Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, which was completed and will be handed over to the public in about two months.

What is missing is the collective, national effort, and most of all the leadership which is necessary to inspire, to design and implement a plan that will at least give hope to the people – and to the lenders – that Greece is indeed a European country with ability to get out of the crisis.

So what is missing is a capable, qualified, and responsible leadership. And I do not mean only at the top, the prime Minister where everything starts, in any case. I also mean the government Department Heads and the few thousands of senior officials that run the country.

Almost a day does not go by that we don’t hear the most incredible things from people who are unworthy and unfit to have any role in governing the country, no matter the situation it is under. All the more so under the present circumstances.

How, then, can one expect to tackle such a serious crisis with this kind of leadership? How can one ask that the country be respected abroad when its representatives are not qualified for the positions they hold?

The issue for me was never personal. How could it be? It has to do with the future of the motherland.

I think, e.g. as the snow falls these days in Athens, about how many of our fellow Greeks will suffer from the lack of heating and how many children will go to sleep hungry and in the cold.

But I also think about the soldier, from Evros to the Aegean islands and all the way to Cyprus, who has no idea of what tomorrow may bring.

But as we have entered the New Year, I feel that the end of being ruled by unsuitable individuals is near. I feel that, since the people have tried and retried the demagogues, they will want to also try people with education and experience, people who speak the “language” of the lenders, as well as the markets, proud Greeks that can not stand to see the country losing its sovereignty and being vilified internationally.

I am referring, to Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the main opposition leader, a man that I have known for years and believe that he is the most qualified person, of those in leadership positions, to bring back the hope and lost dignity to our very troubled motherland and its people.

As long as he selects the right staff, including some among the Greeks living abroad.

Something which I believe he will do.