Dynamis Strengthens East Coast

NEW YORK. – Dynamis President James Kakridas traveled to New York City this week to help promote the creation of a Dynamis chapter in New York.

*#8220;I*#8217;m here to talk to them about the Dynamis campaign in New York and the success of Dynamis in California,*#8221; Mr. Kakridas told The Herald. Dynamis is a California-based political organization that supports Hellenic Americans in politics. Dynamis beneficiaries include Senator Paul Sarbanes (D-MD), Senator Olympia Snowe (R-ME), and Rep. Michael Bilirakis (R-FL).
New York businessman Michael Parlamis hosted Mr. Kakridas*#8217; trip to New York, honoring him at a special dinner at Pylos Restaurant on the Lower East Side of Manhattan last Wednesday, November 19.
*#8220;I met him last year in Washington*#8230;We became friends,*#8221; said Mr. Parlamis. *#8220;It is just a pleasure to have him here as my guest in New York. He wants to set up the Dynamis organization in New York, similar to the one in California. Such an organization may be useful and necessary and timely now, to help our Greek American candidates for public office,*#8221; added Mr. Parlamis.
*#8220;We just have to dip into our pockets and help them financially, and that*#8217;s what this is about,*#8221; he added.
Mr. Parlamis said Greek Americans do support one another and philanthropic causes, but behind-the-scenes financial assistance is needed as well. *#8220;I know we do help, but we also like a lot of glamour and showmanship,*#8221; said Mr. Parlamis. *#8220;Quiet help is important, too,*nbsp; and don*#8217;t help just because maybe some candidate will do something for you, whether it*#8217;s the issue of Cyprus or Greek-Turkish relations or something personally,*#8221; added Mr. Parlamis.
Mr. Kakridas talked to area businessmen about how a Dynamis chapter could be organized in New York. He made it very clear, however, that each chapter would operate autonomously, though with the Dynamis name and objective, which is to support Hellenic Americans seeking political office.
*#8220;I explained to them how Dynamis could be organized in New York as an independent organization in order to help the Hellenic American candidates, like Michael Gianaris, and many others who are running for state or federal office,*#8221; said Mr. Kakridas. *#8220;We already supported Mike Gianaris from California, and we will do that in the future,*#8221; he said.
*#8220;If a Dynamis organization is created [in New York], it will be a tremendous help not only for local politics but also for national politics, because we can combine power together in order to help somebody run for federal office,*#8221; said Mr. Kakridas. *#8220;This was the purpose of the trip.*#8221;
During his stay in New York, he also made a stop over to Mr. Gianaris*#8217; office.
*#8220;He is a very nice, promising young man, and the position that he is running for is very powerful, and we*#8217;ll be glad to help him.*#8221;
Although no formal announcements have been made, Mr. Gianaris is expected to run for Attorney General of New York to replace Elliot Spitzer, who will likely make a bid for Governor.
*#8220;It needs only four to five dedicated people to start the organization,*#8221; said Mr. Kakridas. *#8220;We will help them with our experience in this field, any they can start it. We don*#8217;t want a branch or anything here, it would be a completely independent organization (separately-run) with the same name and goals as the original*#8212;to support and promote Hellenic American candidates, be they Republican or Democrat.*#8221;
He said his goal is to create more independent Dynamis organizations in major cities across the country, including Boston, Chicago, Detroit and others, in order to create a *#8220;powerhouse*#8221; in politics to help Hellenic Americans in public office.
Mr. Kakridas is currently in talks with Greek Americans in Connecticut, Boston, and Detroit who are interested in starting their own Dynamis chapters.
*#8220;Our purpose is strictly political, we are a federal political action committee and a state political action committee and our purpose is strictly to help Hellenic Americans running for office or to help Hellenes be appointed to public office, like we did in California,*#8221; said Mr. Kakridas, adding that many Greek American judges and other public officials*nbsp; have been appointed in California with the help of Dynamis.*nbsp; *#8220;We also want to create political internships in order to help our young people who are interested in politics or public office get a head start,*#8221; said Mr. Kakridas.
*#8220;We are a unique organization and no other organization in the United States is doing that.*#8221;