PanGregorians Raise 100K for New Home

NEW YORK. – The PanGregorian Charitable Foundation of New Jersey successfully organized their 19th annual dinner dance at the Greek American catering facility, The Venetian, in Garfield, New Jersey. Proceeds from the event will go towards charity and especially for materializing the vision for the creation of a retirement home.

At the event were seven hundred restaurant owners-members of the Foundation, Metropolitan of New Jersey Evangelos, New Jersey State Minority Leader Paul DiGaetano, the Mayor of Paramus James Tedesco, the President and CEO of Deborah Heart and Lung Center and Deborah Hospital Spero Margeotes, as well as diplomatic representatives of Greece and Cyprus from New York.

Mr. Demetris Logothetis spoke about the philanthropic work of the PanGregorians and added that they have accumulated one million dollars, which have been distributed to different institutions, for child cancer patient therapy, as well as for the family of victims of the September 11 tragedy in New York.
Mr. DiGaetano stated that events such at this one gives members the chance to recognize the works of their predecessors who had the foresight to create a foundation through which they could give back to the community.
*#8220;As President of the PanGregorians I feel proud because our foundation has managed to assist those that are in need of it,*#8221; said Mr. George Siamboulis, PanGregorian President, during his speech.
*#8220;Tonight is a night dedicated to a special co-worker, Mr. Stelios Siderias,*#8221; said Mr. Siamboulis who didn*#8217;t forget to mention the contributions of the executive committee.
Mr. Dinos Gourmos, President of the PanGregorian Foundation, expressed his satisfaction for the contributions of the members of the foundation and announced the decision to declare Mr. Michael Manolio, son of a past PanGregorian president, an honorary member of the organization.
Accepting his plaque Mr. Siderias expressed his gratitude towards the president and the executive board.
PanGregorian Chairman John Sakellaris expressed his satisfaction about the participation of the Metropolitan of New Jersey, adding that a few weeks ago during a board meeting the decision was made for the creation of the retirement home. He proceeded to give Metropolitan Evangelos a check for $100,000 for the newly established Metropolis.
Accepting the donation, Metropolitan Evangelos stated that *#8220;this is a small sample of love.*#8221; He also prayed to God to give them strength and health so that they may continue their charitable work and he reassured them that in a short time the retirement home, as well as a large cultural center will be created.
Finally, Metropolitan Evangelos mentioned the issues involving education and stated that beyond the reinforcement of existing afternoon schools, they are planning the creation of the first day school in New Jersey.