The Latest Mystery in the Chief Inspector Andreas Kaldis Series

Santorini Caesars is the 8th book in the Chief Inspector Andreas Kaldis series by Jeffrey Siger. As the title suggests, the mystery is set in Greece and follows a murder investigation from Athens to Santorini where Greece’s top military advises have gathered for a meeting. Released on September 20, Santorini Caesars examines the role of the military in the societal development of Greece, as Siger told The National Herald. A compelling mystery, the book also touches on serious issues like all of the books in the series.

A young protester is murdered and the gathering of military leaders brings to mind the still vivid memory for many in Greece of the junta. Are they planning a coup d’etat? Raising questions about the role of the military and politics, the book comments on Greece and the United States, as well. Siger noted the inspiration for the book was a phrase, “The fragile fabric of a nation hangs in the balance.”

He began writing the series after giving up a career as a lawyer in order to move to Greece and write full time. The first book in the series Murder in Mykonos was published in 2009 in Greek and in English at the same time which had never been done before. Aikaterini Lalaouni Editions publishes the Greek translations of the series. The New York Times described Siger’s novels as “thoughtful police procedurals set in picturesque but not untroubled Greek locales.”

Dividing his time between living in the United States and Greece, Siger delves into issues that affect not only Greece but the world and are often prophetic. His second book anticipated the rise to power of Alexis Tsipras and his party by 4 years, the character in the book so similar, even his description bears an uncanny resemblance to Tsipras. Siger is currently working on the next book in the Chief Inspector Kaldis series inspired by the refugee crisis. He pointed out that Greece is the entry point to Europe for so many refugees, but the crisis is an international one and affects the entire world.

When asked about his writing routine, Siger, who also teaches writing, said there are two types of writers, “the seat of the pantser and the outliner” and though there are “gradations in between” he and most of his friends are the type that writes by the seat of their pants. Inspiration can strike in a moment, he said. Then, the characters and the plot take over. A visit to Tarpon Springs and a conversation with a friend inspired Prey on Patmos when he was trying to write a book set on that sacred island. Siger mentioned how he tries to sit and write a certain number of words each day, especially when trying to finish a book, he writes about 1,000 to 2,000 words a day. He pointed out that he gets into the habit of writing to finish the book.

Siger also mentioned his book tour to promote Santorini Caesars starts off on October 10 with a book signing in St. Louis, and continues with stops in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Denver, New York, and Pittsburgh. The event in New York takes place on October 20 at the renowned Mysterious Bookshop, 58 Warren Street in Tribeca, at 6:30PM. Greek restaurant Periyali will provide the food and wine at the event. More information is available at