12: the Ubiquitous Ouzo

Ouzo 12 (PHOTO: Public Domain)

Is there really a need for a review of Ouzo 12? The brand of Ouzo 12, now produced in Volos but originally in Piraeus, is so commonplace in Greece, that to review it would be like doing a beer review on Budweiser.

Yet it is useful, and interesting, to mention this ouzo, which was the first ever to be bottled in the “karafaki,” the small bottle often served at beachside tavernas and other ouzeri, along with a bucket of ice.

It is the standard 80 proof and with a potent anise flavor, tastes like the quintessential, typical ouzo.

Some prefer a lighter variety, others a stronger one. Some like it heavy on the anise, others would rather have just a hint of the “licorice” taste.

But for all the folks who’d rather drink another brand of ouzo and begin their explanation with “I like it better than 12 because,” it is important to note that there is something to be said for being the ouzo of choice when making a comparison.

The bottom line about Ouzo 12 is that it is a solid, dependable ouzo, an one of the brands most commonly found in the United States. You might do better, but you can’t go wrong.