Romios: a Most Unusual Ouzo

Photo: Public Domain

Many Greeks boast about their favorite brand of ouzo, but few can really tell the difference in a blind taste test.  And I don’t claim any superior palate in that respect.

On any given day, I may not be able to discern the difference between Psychis and Kakitsis, two of my favorite brands, both from Chios. Barbayanni’s lighter variety versus Mini, both from Mytilene, might also throw me for a loop.

But even an ouzo novice can tell the difference between most ouza and the brand Romios, from the town of Aigio in Western Greece. Most ouza have a slightly bitter taste that is barely detectable as it overpowered by anise. Not Romios. The anise is barely noticeable, and so for those who don’t like their ouzo to taste like licorice, Romios is for you!

At 76 proof, it is only a hint less potent than the standard 80. Refreshing on the rocks, but also unusually well-adaptive to sipping neat even on a cool or cold day, Romios is a truly unique ouzo experience.