John Catsimatidis Considering Run for NYC Mayor
Archbishop Elpidophoros’ Meeting with President Trump Canceled
Greek Restaurant Owner Remembers His Friend George Floyd
Trump Threatens Military Force against Protesters Nationwide
Turkey Cites Libya Deal Map to Claim Greek Island Waters

After Floyd Protests, NYC Stores Plundered despite Curfew

NEW YORK — Broken glass and burned piles of debris littered parts of New York City's early Tuesday after its first curfew in decades failed to prevent destruction...

Biden to Hit Trump as More Focused on "Power than Principle"

PHILADELPHIA — Joe Biden plans to blister President Donald Trump for directing authorities to drive back peaceful protesters outside the White House "in order...

China Delayed Releasing Coronavirus Info, Frustrating WHO

Throughout January, the World Health Organization publicly praised China for what it called a speedy response to the new coronavirus. It repeatedly thanked the Chinese government...

Turkey Denounces Arson Attack on Cypriot Mosque

Turkish officials expressed outrage over an attempt to burn down a mosque on the side of Cyprus of the legitimate government and called on government officials to offer protection.

Cyprus Will Text Migrants: Stay Away, No EU Gate Here

Cyprus will hit mobile phones with multi-lingual text messages that the country is not a path for migrants to get into the European Union after reaching the island where they are in limbo.

Rich Russians Jetted to Cyprus During COVID-19 Lockdown

With the money to do it, wealthy Russians who wanted to get out of their hard-hit country during the still ongoing COVID-19 pandemic took private jets to Cyprus, which had a better record dealing with the health crisis and has a heavy Russian influence.

U.S.-Based Laconiko Wins Gold in World’s Largest Olive Oil Competition

NEW YORK – Laconiko was awarded another gold medal in the world's largest extra virgin olive oil competition in New York on May 8. This was its tenth award from the...

Cypriot Designer Michael Anastassiades Shares Tips on Visiting Cyprus

LONDON, UK – Cypriot designer Michael Anastassiades has been based in London since 1988 and founded his studio there in 1994. He trained as a civil engineer at London&rsquo...

Streets around White House Sealed off and Fence Put up

WASHINGTON — The streets around the White House complex were shut Tuesday morning, guarded by a mix of Secret Service officers and FBI agents.

Man in Washington Sheltered about 70 Protesters in His Home

WASHINGTON — A man in the nation's capital said he sheltered about 70 protesters in his home all night after they got caught between police lines after curfew.

St. Louis Cops in a Marked Police Car Were Fired on Early Tuesday

ST. LOUIS — Police in St. Louis say officers in a marked police car were fired on early Tuesday from a car occupied by suspected looters.

Portugal Sees Promising Signs for Tourism Recovery

LISBON, Portugal -- Portugal's economy minister says the outlook for the country's crucial tourism sector is brightening.

Spanish Government Seeks Final State of Emergency Extension

MADRID — The Spanish government is seeking to extend the state of emergency it imposed over the coronavirus until June 21, when most remaining restrictions on movement and...

UK Analysis Shows People with Bangladeshi Backgrounds at Higher Mortality Risk

LONDON -- An analysis of the disproportionate effect the coronavirus outbreak in the U.K. appears to be having on members of ethnic minority groups has found that those of...