Another SYRIZA Crime: Giving Up Fight to Return Parthenon Marbles

A visitor to the British Museum gazes at the stolen Parthenon Marbles

If patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel, what does it mean for those who have no real allegiance to their country but instead to an outdated philosophy that yearns for a Leftist utopia?

You know, like Cuba before even Fidel Castro figured out that eventually there wouldn’t be enough spare parts for 1957 Chevrolets and that he might like to see the New York Yankees play in Havana during his lifetime.

While Communism is dead and buried, except for the lunacy of North Korea where it will die out after the last person there has starved to death, Greek Prime Ministe Alexis “Che” Tsipras – who bowed to the Capitalist creditors he claimed to despise – still believes that his looney ideology is more important that his own alleged country.

That was demonstrated at the NATO Summit in Warsaw where he broke ranks with alliance leaders and Heads of State who want to hang tough against Russian when Tsipras said Russian President Vladimir Putin should be treated with kid gloves, not sanctions.

That earned him a smackdown from US President Barack Obama, unheard of at those levels where leaders play kissy face in public while they generally talk with more candor – still diplomatic of course – behind closed doors.

It’s still 1960 in Tsipras’ world, where Nikita Khrushchev is still alive and pounding his shoe at the UN and telling the West “We will bury you!” (how’d that work out for him and Russia and Communism?)

Tsipras’ Looney Left SYRIZA party is anti-NATO in principle, anti-Capitalist in principle, and anti-sanity in principle because in their minds all of life is theoretical and best gazed through pipe smoke while wearing a beret and sipping an espresso at a café shop under the gaze of Stalin, Lenin, Trotsky, and Chairman Mao.

In their hearts, the SYRIZANS aren’t real Greeks but real Communists whose hearts beat for whatever they think that stands for although you won’t see them vacationing in Cuba and cutting sugar cane with the workers.

That’s why Tsipras and his brethren have also given up the fight to return the stolen Parthenon Marbles from the British Museum, believing the greatest of Greece’s treasures belong to the world and not their own country.

Hellenophiles in the Diaspora, around the world and even in England, where a cross-section of Members of Parliament are pushing for the marbles to be returned to Greece – which built a new museum to house them – care more about it than does Tsipras or SYRIZA.

The British Museum, where the stolen goods are housed, said it obtained them through a legitimate contract with British diplomat Lord Elgin, who ripped them off the Parthenon more than 200 years ago with the permission of the occupying Turks.

Apparently they don’t teach law in Britain because there is no legitimate contract for goods that are stolen, even if granted by an occupying power, or else no country nor person could have gotten back what the Nazis stole.

They even make movies about it,  such as Monuments Men, starring George Clooney, whose wife Amal was part of a British team of lawyers hired by a previous Greek government to sue for their return if necessary.

Tsipras stopped that as soon as he took office because he’s a cultural traitor to his own country and doesn’t care about the Parthenon Marbles, just as he doesn’t care about Greek workers, pensioners and the poor he betrayed when putting more austerity on them after swearing in blood he never would.

This is how SYRIZANs think: Culture Minister Aristides Baltas, who as Education Minister said education “was not a virtue,” said that, “We do not regard the Parthenon as exclusively Greek but rather as a heritage of humanity.” That’s who you want in your corner in this fight.

The late Melina Mercouri, who was also a Culture Minister, is more Greek dead than Baltas is even in his brain-mummified state but since SYRIZA doesn’t think the Parthenon is Greek they aren’t willing to get the Marbles back.

Let’s hear from someone who does: “There is no point any longer in taking the gentle approach because that has failed,” Alexis Mantheakis, Chairman of the New Zealand-based International Parthenon Sculptures Action Committee told the British newspaper The Guardian.

He added: “The British have never given anything back, be it colonies or artifacts, without pressure. To ignore that fact is to undermine the chances of any success in the campaign for the return of the Parthenon sculptures.”

Since Britain’s idea of a national treasure is a pile of rocks called Stonehenge they will never return the Marbles and now have an ally in the theft: SYRIZA, Tsipras and a shameful government that isn’t Greek and never was.

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  1. Dabilis is again at it. His nemesis this time, as most of last year is Tsipras. Granted, the guy is no Venizelos, but, under the circumstances, what else can he do? He did not keep his promises, not because he didn’t try, but because Merkel did not give in. Dabilis makes it sound as if he cut pensions and raise taxes because he felt like it. Well, Andy, news flash: He had no choice. Many politicians make promises that they never intended to keep. Remember Bush the elder and his “read my lips” no new taxes? taxes went up substantially under his administration. What about Trump and making Mexicans pay for a wall? Or keeping Moslems out? Or not paying any of US’s debts, as he did with his companies? Do you think that he”ll be able to keep any of those promises? If you do, you’re as naive as 18 million Americans that voted for him. And Trump is not a Marxist as you claim Tsipras is. As for the Parthenon marbles, I think he’s been a bit more concerned of keeping Greece afloat to worry about something that has no chance of success and has been unsuccessful for the past 30 years. Andy, why dont you wright something constructive for a change, instead of the same “Che Tsipras line, that you use every week. It has really become tiring and its not original any longer. You have used it to death. get over it and find something else to harp about. Unless it just fills you columns and it would guarantee you a paycheck

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