Hillary Clinton Statement on the Convening of the Holy and Great Council

Hillary Clinton released the following statement to honor and celebrate the long-awaited bringing together of key Orthodox church leaders from around the world who represent about 200 million Orthodox believers.  The Holy and Great Council last gathered more than a thousand years ago and the meeting taking place this week in Greece is nearly 50 years in the making:

“All people of faith should welcome the convening of the first Holy and Great Council of the Orthodox Christian Church in over 1,200 years by His All-Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew. I have had the privilege of seeing Patriarch Bartholomew’s spiritual leadership for myself, and am hopeful that the Council will renew ties that have frayed through the centuries—because we are stronger together.”


  1. This council is a fake, and there are some 2nd hand actors who has forgot the Holy Tradition of the Othodox Church. The strenght of the Orthodoxy is not in hands of some bishops or in the conclusions of that kind of meetings… the power of Orthodoxy is the grace of The Holy Spirit which is something strange or tabu for heterodox cults like catholics, protestants an new-protestants.
    Mrs. Clinton, don”t be so glad, ”cause you and all those behind you have succeed nothing. The unity or the union of the Church is realizable by the will of God, not by the decisions of some National Orthodox Church”s leaders. Those are dust in the wind…

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