Greek Lawyers Strike Causes 10-Year Court Delay

ATHENS – A near six-month long strike by Greek lawyers upset over reforms has created a 10-year-backlog in court cases.

The strike is due to end June 17 unless extended and has added 320,000 new cases to previous 700,000, creating 1.12 million cases yet to be heard, including tax cheats and pausing major criminal cases such as the prosecution of the ultra-far right Golden Dawn party leaders and followers.

Justice officials said the earliest court dates now will be somewhere from 2024-2026 and Kathimerini said there have been suggestions they could be written off because there’s no way to cope as the numbers grow.

The backlog created by the walkout by lawyers, protesting pension reform and the new tax bill, is expected to have an even greater impact on the country’s largest courts, the paper said.

The head of the Athens Court of First Instance, Spyros Georgouleas, said the ever-expanding list of untried cases will create “conditions of Armageddon,” once the strike ends.