Protest Vote Puts Far-Right Party in Cyprus Parliament

A woman casts her vote as another enters in the polling booth at a polling station during the parliamentary elections in southern port city of Limassol in this mediterranean island of Cyprus, on Sunday, May 22, 2016. Cypriots are voting for a new parliament amid public disillusionment with what many see as a discredited political establishment. Some 543,000 voters are eligible to cast their ballots for 56 lawmakers. (AP Photo/Petros Karadjias)

NICOSIA, Cyprus — Far-right ELAM and two other small parties won seats in Cyprus’ Parliament for the first time during elections marked by the second-lowest voter turnout and biggest shift among swing voters in Cypriot election history.

Analyst Christophoros Christophorou said final results in the May 22 elections indicates a strong undercurrent of disillusionment with the country’s traditional powerhouses. A total eight parties have entered the 56-seat Parliament.

Christophorou said many voters wanted to punish larger parties for economic crisis that saw unemployment hit record levels.

ELAM advocates a hard-line nationalist stance in talks with breakaway Turkish Cypriots to reunify the ethnically split island nation.

This result has no effect on the formation of the government which is already in place. That changes only after Presidential elections, which will next be held in 2018.