What is the purpose of Kammenos’ statements on Turkey?

Once again, a few nights ago, in the presence of the Armed Forces chief, just as in interviews for the newspapers Kathimerini and The National Herald, Greek Defense Minister Panos Kammenos repeated the warning that an episode with Turkey – perhaps even a “heated” one – could possibly occur.

“The increased provocations on Turkey’s behalf certainly concerns us,” he stated. “We have repeatedly given notice … to our allies, and all the member states of the United Nations as well.”

The Minister’s statements create the impression that something very serious is occurring in the relations between Greece and Turkey.

Otherwise, a Defense Minister does not make such statements, nor would he alert the “allies” and “all the member states of the United Nations.”

Several sources support the idea that something dangerous is evident in the relations between the two countries.

According to the newspaper “Estia”, Turkey’s provocativeness extends all the way to the region of Thrace.

In any case, one can’t help but wonder why the Minister is making these public statements.

Perhaps he intends to prepare the Greek public opinion for possible developments? Or maybe, as many advocate, his goal is political, namely to intimidate Greek public opinion with respect to the measures pushed through Parliament and possibly for other similar reasons?

It is too serious of an issue to be used either frivolously or – even worse – for other reasons

And if there is, in fact, a very serious issue, then it should be handled with great responsibility and not with frequent statements by the Defense Minister, which, although they generate headlines, do not suit such an matter, as it should.

In Greece’s present situation, it is even more imperative that all issues, especially the nation’s defense issues, are handled with great care.

Whereas it should be made clear to all that the country’s territorial integrity is non-negotiable, and that if history has taught proves anything it is that Greeks, regardless of the economic situation or the balance of military powers, can work wonders when it comes to the salvation of their homeland. On the other hand, they must face these issues calmly, while avoiding possible misunderstandings.

Turkey is going through a difficult phase. And yet, the new balancing role of the Armed Forces, in President Erdogan’s attempt to monopolize power, as the Wall Street Journal recently reported, is an encouraging sign which may possibly contribute to eliminating the threat to the relations of the two countries.