The US fear about Greece

As I was reading in the New York Times recently about the tragic situation prevailing in hospitals in Venezuela, I was reminded of the lurid warning by Greek Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos to his colleagues in the Eurozone, that if they insist on further austerity, then Greece could become a failed State

The mere fact that the English-speaking Minister used such an expression reveals the extremely difficult situation in which the country finds itself.

But what does this expression mean exactly?

It refers to a state whose political or economic system has been so debilitated that the government no longer controls the country.

It refers to those states that are no longer able to exercise key competences such as education and security, while poverty has reached an extreme level and crime rates are soaring.

Does Greece fall under this category today? Certainly not.

However, as the Venezuelan example teaches us, the road that leads from a more or less normal country to a failed state is not such a long one.

No, it’s not easy for a country to reach that point. It requires… effort. But the same applies to bankrupting a country.

Chavez, former president of Venezuela, was one of South America’s greater demagogues who used his country’s oil supply in order to offer “gifts” generously to the people.

His successor, Maduro, continued this demagogic policy.

But the collapse of the price of oil, brought about the collapse of the economy of the country as well.

Thus, today, according to the NYT, hospitals have no antibiotics, medical gloves or soap. Not even food.

In one of the country’s university hospitals, there isn’t even water to clean the surgical tables. Government employees are only working two days a week to save electricity.

Children are dying from lack of electricity and oxygen tanks…

Greece, I repeat, is far from this situation, although shortages in hospitals have begun to be noticed.

An awakening is imperative.

Because a country which is in the same economic situation as Greece has been for at least six years, whose government avoids telling the truth to the people while creating false impressions, a country with so many refugees, in a turbulent region, this country, as the Minister of Finance warns, if it is not cautious, could reach the last step, that of the failed State.

This is exactly what Washington fears and the reason it is pushing Germany in the right direction.