AHEPA Meets Anastasiades On Cyprus

An AHEPA delegation, heading by Supreme President John Galanis is in Cyprus, meeting with that country’s President Nicos Anastasiades, Cyprus Weekly reported.
Galanis said that the United States is not likely to change its position regarding Cyprus no matter who wins the November presidential election. “I don’t expect any significant change,” he said.
He also said that in their meeting with President Anastasiades, they discussed the challenges ahead for resolution to the Cyprus problem, Cyprus weekly reported.“It (the process) is moving forward and we are very supportive of Cyprus. The Greek and the Cypriot community in America will be very much in support of whatever the people want and agree to with the Turkish side,” he said.“I would say I am optimistic because there is so much to gain from both parties that it would be a shame and a tragedy that they couldn’t arrive in something that is mutually agreeable,” he added.Galanis said, Cyprus Weekly reported, that it could e a win-win situation, and so he remains optimistic. But there are still “many, many challenges” ahead, “such as territory and citizenship,” among others.